Introducing the "International Earth Film Festival"

The International Earth (zamin) Film Festival (IEFF) was founded in 2020 with the goals of promoting the culture, lifestyle and management schemes based on “sustainable development”, and of supporting artists and filmmakers active in relevant fields by broadcasting and publicizing their products for the general Iranian audience. This festival is fully independent and is organized by Ordibehesht Oudlajan cultural institution and the Green Civilization NGO of artists protecting the environment.

The Earth Film Festival is the first and only cinematic and cultural festival in Iran and the region that deals with the topic of Sustainable Development as the huge challenge of the world today, and with related issues such as social and ecosystem resilience, cultural, social and economic development as well as environmental conservation. The Earth Festival intends to take effective steps in disseminating information on the mentioned issues by broadcasting educational and informative films and holding workshops and seminars/webinars.

The organizers of this festival who have long and substantial careers as cinematic, socio-cultural and environmental professionals and have organized other reputable events in the country such as the Iran International Green Film Festival, are determined to adopt a comprehensive and integrated approach and cover all the fields related to sustainable development in this event and thus play a role in correcting and quickening the country’s development while encouraging sustainability. They aim at raising awareness among the Iranian society, with the help of Iran’s most prominent experts in various scientific and professional fields of environment, economy, culture, health, cinema and media, etc.

The IEFF is a member of the Green Film Network and is determined to increase its reach worldwide and to create international cooperation in relevant fields.

The second IEFF edition’s main theme is “Sustainable Economy” and therefore movies that deal with issues such as economic sustainability, green economy, fair and green trade, local and indigenous economy, green industries, social corporate responsibility, green and conscious consumerism, economic resilience, green energies, sustainable livelihoods and employment, etc. will have more chance to get selected and to win the competition.