The International Earth Film Festival of Iran (IEFF) presented its second edition’s Selection Committee members

 The International Earth Film Festival of Iran (IEFF) presented its second edition’s Selection Committee members

As reported by the public relations’ office of the IEFF, Shahabeddin Adel, Farzad Tohidi and Mazdak Mirramezani have been appointed as members of the IEFF second edition’s Selection Committee by the festival director, Farhad Tohidi.

IEFF’s second edition will be held in October 2022 and aims at raising awareness about sustainable development among the Iranian public with the help of prominent filmmakers, experts, artists and community-based and non-governmental organizations.

Shahabeddin Adel

Documentary movie director, researcher and renowned Art University professor of cinema and photography. Former head of the Cinema and Theater faculty of Iran’s Art University for 7 years. Founding member of the Iranian Association of Cinema Professors, Iranian Association of photographers and member of the Iranian Association of Documentary Filmmakers. His works have been exhibited in several solo and group exhibitions. Adel is a graduate in Cinematography from the Tehran Faculty of Dramatic Arts and has obtained a PhD in Art Research for the Iranian Art University.

Farzad Tohidi

Documentary movie director and researcher; began his career as film editor in 1981 and directed his first documentary movie in 1993. Many of his movies have been broadcasted in various media such as national television and won a number of national and international awards. Tohidi has cooperated with international agencies such as UNICEF, UNESCO and UNFPA as documentary filmmaker. He has been a member of the management board of the Iranian Association of Documentary Filmmakers and is a manager of “Hashur” online broadcasting network.

Mazdak Mirramezani

Mirramezani has two M.Sc. certificates in Agricultural Engineering from Karaj Faculty of Agriculture and Environmental Policy and Management from Wageningen University. He has a long career in various fields of sustainable development and environmental conservation and has worked as project officer and manager in several national and international project. He has been one of the main managers of the 5th and 6th editions of the Iran International Green Film Festival and has been a juror of a number of green film festivals around the world including in Italy, France, Portugal and Germany.


The second edition of the International Earth (Zamin) Film Festival will be held between 8th and 14th of October 2022 and has “Sustainable Economy” as its main theme. Farhad Tohidi is the director of the IEFF in which movies related to sustainable development and economy will be broadcasted for free for the Iranian public.

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