Call for Entries for the Second Edition of The International Earth (Zamin) Film Festival (IEFF)

The second edition of the International Earth Film Festival will be held between 8 till 14 October 2022 in Iran. The Earth (Zamin) Festival intends to raise awareness among the general public on sustainable development and introduce best movies dealing with relevant subjects. Movies produced after 2019 can participate in the Earth Festival’s competition. More information about rules and regulations can be found on the official website of the festival:

The main theme of the second edition of the Earth Festival is “Sustainable Economy”. Obviously movies with clear and direct connection with this theme have more chances of being accepted for and winning the competition. But all movies that cover various aspects of sustainable development will be considered and have a chance to get accepted and win.

IEFF Competition

  • Long feature movies (more than 40 minutes)
  • 500 USD prize + Golden Award
  • Short feature movies (less than 40 minutes)
  • 300 USD prize + Golden Award
  • Long documentary movies (more than 40 minutes)
  • 300 USD prize + Golden Award
  • Short documentary movies (less than 40 minutes)
  • 150 USD prize + Golden Award
  • Educational movies/clips
  • 150 USD prize + Golden Award
  • Animated movies
  • 300 USD prize + Golden Award


Main Regulations of the Earth Festival

  • Movies will be accepted in following formats: MP4, AVI, MOV and with HD, FHD or 4K quality.
  • To enter competition, registering in the festival’s website is required. Participants must fill in the form (to be found on the festival’s website) and receive a tracking code. Registering and sending movies to the festival means accepting the festival’s rules and regulations
  • Movies should be sent to the festival’s secretariat no later than August 31st
  • The costs of uploading or sending movies must be paid by participants
  • If complications occur, the festival’s director will have the final say
  • After the final list of films is published, it will not be possible to remove films from the list.
  • Films in the competition will be subtitled in Farsi for the Iranian audience and will be broadcasted under the Iranian law
  • Registration and participation is free, as the Earth Festival does not operate to generate revenues or financial benefits; Watching movies are also free for the audience and no tickets are sold
  • Main news and announcements will be communicated to the owners of submitted works and the audience through the festival’s official website and social media pages and when needed through email
  • The complete set of rules and regulations of the IEFF including qualification requirements for submitting movies can be found in the bylaw of the festival on its official website and participants are required to read and agree with them before submitting movies