Bylaw of the International Earth Film Festival (IEFF)

Bylaw of the International Earth Film Festival (IEFF)

The Earth (Zamin) festival intends to promote the concept of “Sustainable Development” as an essential and serious need of the country, using artistic and cinematic tools and language, as well as to identify valuable artworks and films that can effectively improve people’s awareness about this concept. The Earth International Film Festival is organized by the Ordibehesht Oudlajan cultural institute and the Green Civilization NGO and enjoys the support of various national and international public and private organizations and institutes.

Festival Goals

  • Cultural development and awareness-raising among people and authorities focusing on sustainable development
  • Encouraging people’s participation to achieve sustainable development by making use of art
  • Creating a network to ease communication between artists, experts and people to exchange ideas and experiences in various fields related to sustainable development
  • Improving the quality of cultural, artistic and cinematic products in the fields related to sustainable development

Festival Policies

  • Collecting best artworks and films made about sustainable development from Iran and the world and encouraging and supporting the creation of new ones
  • Creation of a sociocultural movement focusing on sustainability and social and economic resilience
  • Holding an event of highest quality, rivaling the best similar thematic festivals in the world
  • Making use of advertising tools to create social and information campaigns that improve the effectiveness of the festival
  • Design and implementation of additional events and programs in order to make best and most effective use of festival artworks
  • Adoption of a transparent approach and working method that refrains from pursuing personal and organizational benefits and that is independent from political orientations and is based on professional, scientific and moral values
  • Providing constructive connections, synergy and cooperation among governmental, private and community-based organizations dealing with development as well as cinematic and cultural-artistic national and international festivals and events

IEFF’s Components

  1. A) IEFF Cinema Competition
  • Long feature movies (more than 40 minutes)
  • Short feature movies (less than 40 minutes)
  • Long documentary movies (more than 40 minutes)
  • Short documentary movies (less than 40 minutes)
  • Educational and experimental movies/clips
  • Animated movies
  1. B) Scientific and civil society activities
  • Rewarding remarkable activities by the civil society and indigenous communities concerning empowerment, resilience and ecosystem preservation and in line with sustainable development, by awarding the reputable Taghi Farvar Medallion and (if decided by IEFF organizers) a prize money of up to 150 USD.
  • Holding seminars and discussion panels by experts about various scientific, cultural, artistic and educational topics related to sustainable development
  • Presenting, creating and launching participatory campaigns and projects to promote sustainable patterns and models

Awards of the International Earth Film Festival’s competition

The Selection Committee of IEFF views the received movies and selects the best movies on the bases of relevance to sustainable development and the edition’s main theme, quality and cinematographic achievements, and ability to educate, affect and mobilize the audience. The selected movies will enter competition and be broadcasted by the festival and receive an official selection certificate. A group of renowned jurors will view the movies selected for the festival and pick the winners in different categories:

  • Long feature movies (more than 40 minutes)
  • 500 USD prize + Golden Trophy
  • Short feature movies (less than 40 minutes)
  • 300 USD prize + Golden Trophy
  • Long documentary movies (more than 40 minutes)
  • 300 USD prize + Golden Trophy
  • Short documentary movies (less than 40 minutes)
  • 150 USD prize + Golden Trophy
  • Educational and experimental movies/clips
  • 150 USD prize + Golden Trophy
  • Animated movies
  • 300 USD prize + Golden Trophy

Rules and regulations for IEFF competition and registration of movies

  • The main topic of IEFF is sustainable development and therefore only relevant movies will be selected for the competition
  • Broadcasting selected movies will be subject to the laws and regulations of the Islamic Republic of Iran, and therefore the festival secretariat may make very minor displaying changes and corrections to abide by them
  • Movies’ release date must not be earlier than January 1st 2019
  • Movies should be submitted to the festival’s secretariat no later than August 31st
  • Directors and producers submitting movies to the festival, if selected for the competition, should send the high quality original version of their movies no later than September 5th or they might risk falling out of the competition.
  • Changing the version or resending movies is not possible once the previously-claimed final version is admitted in competition
  • The timetable and broadcasting time and order for selected movies will be decided by the festival organizers considering various managerial factors and cannot be the subject of complaints. The same applies for choosing festival venues.
  • Movies with technical problems in their final version will be left out of the competition
  • Mailed movies will not be sent back
  • In case of winning the competition, the winners (or their official representatives) are required to be present in the festival’s closing ceremony either online or in person provided that necessary means and preparations are taken care of by the festival
  • If needed, the festival will make limited copies of the selected movies to be broadcasted at different festival venues. These copies will never be given to any person or entities outside the festival
  • IEFF authorities will not take responsibility for submissions and registrations with fake identities. Also if all documents and information needed for submission and registration of a movie are not sent to the secretariat in a timely and transparent manner, festival authorities have the right to leave the movie out of competition
  • There are no limitations for the number of movies submitted by one person or organization
  • Registering and submitting movies for the festival should be done online using the festival’s official website
  • To enter competition, registration by one of the movie producer(s) or director(s) in the festival’s website is necessary. Participants must fill in the form (to be found on the festival’s website) and receive a tracking code. In special cases that will be decided by festival organizers, other forms of registration and submitting movies may be accepted
  • DVD, DVcam and HDcam copies will not be accepted by the festival
  • Movies will be accepted in following formats: MP4, AVI, MOV and with HD, FHD or 4K quality.
  • Registering and submitting movies to the festival means accepting the festival’s rules and regulations
  • The costs of uploading or sending movies must be paid by participants
  • If complications occur, the festival’s director will have the final say
  • After the final list of selected films is published, it will not be possible to withdraw films from the competition
  • Films in the competition will be subtitled in Farsi for the Iranian audience and will be broadcasted in accordance with relevant legislations of the I.R. of Iran
  • For non-English movies, English subtitle is required
  • Registration and participation is free, as the Earth Film Festival does not operate to generate revenues or financial profits; watching movies is also free for the audience and no tickets are sold
  • The Earth Film Festival guarantees that it will never give away any of the received and registered movies to any third party for any purposes. The movies received and accepted will be solely broadcasted during and in the framework of the IEFF’s official events, in festival venue(s) and on the official website of the festival and/or its official web broadcasting partner bearing the festival’s logo.
  • All received movies are protected under the laws of The I.R. of Iran. The festival will not take responsibility for any act of theft and hacking by criminals or for unrelated third party’s mischief e.g when damaged during the mailing process
  • The Festival may use short (up to 30 seconds) fragments of selected movies solely for making advertising clips for the event and without gaining any profits from them
  • The Earth Film Festival organizers may decide to add awards, honorary diplomas or trophies to encourage and distinguish more filmmakers. Also in special occasions such as absence of enough qualified movies (at least 5), they may decide to cancel some competition categories
  • Main news and announcements will be communicated to the owners of submitted works and the audience only through the festival’s official website and social media pages.